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The School prepares students to take the above-mentioned IGCSE /AS/A Level subjects -the examinations, evaluations and grading of which are done by Cambridge University, Britain. They have taken Arabic and  Islamic studies through Grade -12 in accordance with the curriculum of the Ministry of Education. The question papers and answer keys of these exams are set by the Ministry  of education.

We Endeavour to follow and implement the instructions of the Ministry of Education and  spare no effort to have our students taught by highly- qualified teachers.

The beginning of the Academic Year 

  1. The academic year  begins on the First/second week of September and

         ends with the first week of June.

  1. The academic year for the K.G. and Lower elementary levels is divided into three semesters. The  Upper elementary, preparatory and secondary levels are also divided into Three terms according to the Ministry of Education Rule. A Term exam is conducted at the end of each term or semester.

School timings 

  1. The school day start at 7-45 a.m. and ends at 1-30 p.m.  As for the K.G. sections the school day ends at 12.30 p.m. The weekly off is on  falls on  Fridays and Saturdays.


Sports & Games

The school provides physical training to all students for students for developing their physique to guide them in the discipline of sports and games. outdoor games like football, basketball, volleyball and cricket are played on spacious ground built for the purpose .During summer students can avail the facilities of indoor games like table tennis ,badminton, chess, carom and other games according to their interest. Every year the annual sports meet is held in the last week of January when students from both the houses, namely the zeyed House and Falcon House are selected and Trained to complete for Various athletic events.

Educational Tours

The Students are occasionally taken out on picnics .Importance is given to Places that provided information of educational values. All these are arranged under the able leadership and supervision of experienced teachers.


The library is equipped with a wide variety of books, periodicals and and paper etc.


The department of Physics ,Chemistry,Biology,And Home Science are well equipped and have separate laboratories which provide necessary facilities for demonstration, experimentation and project work at various levels.

Medical Facility

The School Provides Adequate medical care ,all Students undergo medical check-up.

School Store

School Uniform ,textbooks, Stationary, School Bags etc are available in the school store. Parents are Advised to Make use of this Facility.



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